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This is a matured cured meat, and it is obtained thanks to the salting operations of the pork cuts located between the boston butt and the shoulder.

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It has an elongated and cylindrical shape. The aspect of a cutted slice of this special product, will be so delicious, dark red in colour with some hints of white fat. Slices reveal a compact filling, with the fat and lean parts closely bound together, which give to the capocollo a very unique taste. The salting process takes almost two weeks. We add to the pork cuts salt and seasonings, and the production process continues with an alternating phase of rest and massages. Once finished, the capocollo (or coppa) has to be washed and hung out to dry. Once tied and bandaged, it has to be hang out for the maturation phase that takes about 180 days. Muccio’s capocollo is characterised by a delicate and light taste, slightely sweet, with a unique scent. It reveals an intense taste in the lean cut parts and a more delicate in the fat ones. It is a special appetizer.

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25 €
about 5-6 months