Muccio Farm was born in 1977 inspired by a family dream. Moved by the love for our own land and armed with so much courage, we decided to chase our passion, giving life to our first pig farm. Since we started with our project, 40 years has already gone, and our business continues to be a family-run one, coming from our passion passed down generation to generation until the present day.

We cultivate the soils located on the hill territory of Castelpoto, so that they will bring us enough fodder and nourishment necessary for the pigs we raise, from which we get our products. We are motivated by the desire to hand down the love and passion toward high quality, genuine and healthy products. We want to transmit our attention on the themes of food safety, environmental-friendliness, biodiversity and small local communities. From pigs breeding and feeding to the handcrafted meat processing, our focus is on having a complete, short and accured monitored production chain.

We don’t care about slogan or trends, because this continous research to the best natural products and the most genuine is what we love to do.


Since 1977 we raise the traditional black pig and the Casertana race pig, an ancient and autochthonous race coming from the Samnium area . We cultivate our land in order to guarantee a healthy, well balanced and safe nutrition: the food for our pigs is completely GMO-free and produced in Italy. Nothing to do with industrial feedingstuffs! We feed our pigs with barley, corns, grains, black or white beans, acorns, pumpkins and potatoes, which are controlled and guaranteed products. We do not use antibiotic on our pigs!

Our aim is to guarantee the animal welfare and an high quality standard of their life, breeding them in a wide and clean open space.


The entire production of Muccio Farm is made with an accurate selection of pork meat.

We love what we do and our aim is to focus on the genuineness of our products. We put all our efforts, our care and perseverance to get for our product the best quality, the best scent and the best taste. The ingredients we use are few and all natural: a top quality and accurately selected meat, not too much herbs and spices and finally handcrafted processing. In our opinion, two things are really important: the choise of the most genuine raw materials and the right timing of the production processes. Quality and time, this two are the best duo to get our cold cuts, rich in scents and taste.


Castelpoto is a small town located on an hill territory between the Vitulanese and Caudium valleys, on an average altitude of 300 meters a.s.l., lying at the basis of the regional park of Taburno-Camposauro mountain (WWF oasis). In the past, this small town was isolated due to its location.its inhabitants ate what they produced with their activities inside the Dukedom. This is the main reason why people built a strong system of values and gastronomic tradition that arrived to our days, almost unaltered. The most famous example is the Castelpoto Red Sausage which origins come from the XIIII-XV, at the era of the Duke Potone, who already establshed the position of “shepherd of the Duke” who had to graze the flock from the highest part of the town, (approximally close to the modern ruins of the castle) to the valley in order to find some fresh herbs and be back to the Dukedom castle before the sunset. The recipe of Castelpoto Red Sausage comes from that period, and it has never changed. Today Castelpoto is a fascinating historical small town, where people can breath fresh air and go walking exploring the unpolluted valley, and so the best place to raise the black pig.

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