Muccio’s spreadable salami

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Muccio's Spreadable is a very refined cured pork meat with an intense and spicy taste. We obtain this special product by a selected mixture of lean and fat pork meat, cured with the authochtonous spicy pepper of Castelpoto, called “papaulo”.

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We only use simple ingredients, such as pork jowl and bacon, which are finely minced and combined with a generous dose of “papauli” powder to reach a uniform and creamy mix without the additional of artificial colourings or preservatives. That’s exactly the use of the “papaulo" powder that gives to the meat the single bright red colouring and permits the long life. After the meat processing, the mix is placed in natural casings and it is ready for the cured step. This creamy product is ideal to be spread on toasted bread, or bruschette, or as a special sauce to add to pasta. It is absolutely superb spreaded on a slice of warm toasted bread or added on a pizza. We suggest to use it also to prepare a special ragout or tomato sauce. It’s lovely added on slices of semi-cured cheese and to give a special taste added in an omelette’s dough.

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