Casertana’s pork lard

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The matured lard made by Muccio’s Farm is an exquisite product obtained with the selected lard located just below the skin of the casertana race pork

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IIt is collected on the back and the hips of the pork. The production process consists in different phases: salting, seasoning and aging. It is flavoured only with pepper, rosemary and sage. When cutted, it is uniform, white or lightly pinky in colour. You can taste the lard au naturel, cut into little thin slices in order to better savor the unique and inimitable taste, or just placed on a slice of warm bread. You can also add it to your dishes prepared in the oven or in a pan.Our lard is gluten-free, without dairy products and it has a high level of Omega 3-6-9-and oleic acid.

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