Casertana pork’s ham

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In order to obtain the best ham coming from the selectioned leg of the casertana race pork, we only choose that ones with a great weight.

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The shape is similar to a pear, and when cut, it reveals delicious rosy shades, a uniform colour, with some white fat hints. It is full of aroma, and at the taste is so delicate, with not too much salt and so flavorful. We only use few simple ingredients to get our ham: selected legs of casertana race pork, salt and timing. Once selected, we massage the meat with salt for a long time. The production process continues with the washing, brushing, control, drying and finally the aging. This phase is very delicate. We have some controlled and appropriate indoor place with a dedicated structure where we hang up our hams: this stage is essential to ensure that the product has the right organoleptic properties. There is another important process done during the aging stage, that is called “grasing”. It consists in covering the muscle meat with a special mixture of pork fat, salt and pepper necessary to prevent that the ham dries quickly.